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Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification Program


1-855-(C)ALL-MSDP (855-255-6737)

You've mastered the skills - now become certified!

The Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification Program is a performance-based program offered by the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. It is based on ASDP's Standards of Quality and is open to anyone with a sewing related business. MSDP certification provides the professional with the prestigious credentials that validate skills and expertise.


Master Sewing and Design Professional Grandfather Program

For a limited time only, we are offering the MSDP Grandfather Program. This is a program designed for successful professionals who have been working in sewing and design business for a minimum of fifteen years. The Grandfather Program is aimed towards entrepreneurs and professionals who have established a successful career and now wish to earn the prestigious MSDP certification based on the body of their work and experience.

For more information, contact Linda Macke, VP of Certification Programs at the e-mail address above or leave a message on the toll free phone number. You can also find information at www.sewingprofessionals.org.


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