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Why join "Find a Dressmaker"?


A simple, efficient, highly economical site to help people who need a professional dressmaker or alteration specialist find one. No agenda. It is simply a tool for potential dressmaking clients who already know what they want, and are simply looking for contact information.


This site serves the needs of dressmakers who want new clients, but would rather spend their time working, not advertising. If you want to list your business, join today.


This site is not a comparison of competing businesses; we all well know there are far more clients than we can effectively serve. It simply allows each dressmaker listed on the site to self-promote and communicate with the customer in his/her own style.


Note: In exchange for your annual or monthly subscription payment, this smoothly functioning website will continue to be regularly upated, remain advertised and searchable, and will continue to guide potential clients to your business. New listings are added withing 48 hours of receipt of payment. Find a Dressmaker is now actively involved in helping to guide quality clients to quality dressmakers, and will intervene to encourage great relationships.

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Last updated: 8-September-2012
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